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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Being done and stuff

So there we go, my degree is done. Finished. Fineto. Fertig. Gorffen. (The Welsh just had to ruin the pattern!) Now what?

I think this not having to work thing might take a bit of getting used to. Just now I thought that I should be getting on with some work. And I know tomorrow I'll get up and go to start working. But fear not! I have plans (and yes blogging is one of them!)

1. Craft! I got a some fabric for 50p which is just screaming out to be made into a wallet or purse. I also have a zillion and one other things I want to do with my large bag suitcase full of crafty bits.

2. Bake. The parentals are coming to stay this weekend so I'm making lots of yummy treats to eat.

3. Drink. Drink alcohol I mean (obviously I will continue to drink non alcoholic liquids as well. Just less frequently). The end of my degree must be celebrated (this will probably after playing on the water slides on Thursday). Sunday is the society awards which leads nicely into Monday which just so happens to be my 21st Birthday which means there will be a pub crawl.

4. Doctor Who. Yup. That's what I'm doing on my birthday. I'm going to the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff.

5. My PS2. It's been sat sad and lonely in my drawer most of the year and deserves to be played. Besides I have to check that my Kingdom Hearts disc isn't actually broken...

6. DVDS. I have so many I want to watch. My main priority right now is watching Battlestar Galactica. I've just finished season 3 and am going to embark on season 4 this afternoon.

7. Writing. Yup I might actually produce something that isn't an essay.

8. Reading. I've been reading the same book for 2 months. I used to get through books in 2 weeks.

9. Job hunting. This should probably be top of the list! But I can't start until the end of July when I move back to Bristol and have finished being in London and graduating and stuff.

This is supposed to be a picture blog isn't it? Ok as I didn't give you one last time. Here is a meerkat. It in no way relates to my blog but it's kind of cute (if you ignore the fact him and his gang later stole my lens cap).


Matt said...

Meerkat! <3

Oh, congrats and stuff ;)

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