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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I always though Hurling is what you do at the end of a night out not the start...

I return! After a weekend (and a bit more..) off from blogging. And I return having made a discovery.

Basically I have been away (as in away from my trusted sidekick Daisy the laptop) celebrating my birthday. First the parentals came to stay and they have a car so there was much Gower exploring to be done. And then Monday was  my 21st birthday and I went to see the Cardiff Doctor Who (maybe I'll do a Dr Who post tomorrow) exhibition with the best friend and then the evening was filled with drunken antics and discoveries and yesterday I was too hung over to blog about anything other than a desperate need for chips.

Anyway the discovery. Hurling. And no not the chucking up kind of hurling. I mean as in the crazy Irish sport. We sat in Walkabout downing large amounts of alcohol whilst watching the muted TV which made the game seem even more bizarre.

It seemed to be a mix of every sport and activity going. First of all here is the goal:

As you can see it incorporates both Rugby and Football into one set of goal posts. They seemed to score different amount of points for scoring it into either the football goal or managing to lob it over the rugby goal. It all seemed to resemble football in the fact they could kick the ball. It mirrored rugby and  sumo wrestling in the violent tackles. Hockey, tennis and baking in the bats they used:

Next to the stick you will see a picture of a wooden spatula commonly used in cooking. Notice the similarities? 

I also have a feeling there are some quidditch similarities for instance the Golden Snitch. There must have been one and they must have caught it when we weren't looking because it appeared that the team with the least points won! The scores seemed to be displayed to two decimal places so the game finished with Waterford (or Watford as we didn't find out what WAT stood for until the game ended) with 0.16 points and Clare (Clapham) with 1.13 points. Now after some deduction we decided that the points on the left hand side meant goals scored into the net and the score in the right meant goals scored in a rugby style (or indeed vice versa). You needed five football goals (or another number; five just sounded good) to get one rugby goal so therefore the score on the right was worth more hence why Watford was able to win the game despite seeming all behind like the cows tale. 

The game also ended resembling A and E after on a busy Saturday night. 

Now as for rules. Apparently there are some. But I choose to believe that once you've got past the scary pictures of the pitches and stuff all it says is there are no rules. As far as I can tell it was one big free for all using any method from any sport possible. I bet you could even get snooker and basketball in there somewhere as well. Or maybe you just need to have drunk 6 pints of Guiness to be able to understand! 


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