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Friday, 31 July 2009


Today I think I should waffle about the sheer awesomeness of Camping (only briefly as I have to get on with packing!). The first reason is the tent. It's lke a pod of awesomness. A bed where you won't get injured if you should fall out of it. A bed that you can just launch yourself into when drunk without climbing being involved. And a bed that most certainly doesn't creak! And if camping in winter you don't need a fridge to keep your strongbow in - the tent will do it for you!!

Next is being outside. You can hear the birds singing and have an excuse to get covered in mud without getting complaints! And it is incredibly satisfying to sit in your tent listening to the rain hammer down outside!

Also you have legitimate reason for smelling and looking like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards!

Then there are campfires, toasting marshmallows and midnight feasts. And lots of other awesomeness that I have not got time to spout about!
Also I have now finished the plushie mentioned in the previous blog and he has travelled many miles across the country and is now happily in his new home with his new owner. So here he is doing a headstand!! (Although I shall probably get told off for mentioning that now!!)
Next I shall be making myself a handbag :D And also fill up my new crafty bag so I can reclaim my bedroom floor from all my kit!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Wuthering Heights

So I was just browsing the teenage fiction section of the Book shop, as you do, when I spotted 'Wuthering Heights'. Yay, I thought, finally getting teenagers reading something a little more cultured than the normal drivel contained within the pages of Twilight and other such books. It had been re-covered - fair enough teenagers aren't going to read something that looks like it's just dropped out of the 19th century (unfortunatly).

It all went down hill from there. I spotted a little red sticker proclaiming it to be 'Bella and Edward's favourite love story'. Ugh. First off, why would you want to love the romance in the book? And second poor old Emily Bronte must be turning in her grave to have her masterpiece reduced to the favourite book of two fictional charctaers (and not very good ones at that).

Then on the back the blurb stated, in large letters, that it was 'The Greatest Love Story Ever Told'. Yeah right. That suggests its a story of romance whihc is something that there isn't really much of in Wuthering Heights. I would have described it more as a story of passion - love and hate and how similar the two emotions are.

Describing it as a love story almost makes it sound like they are justifying the evil mind games, violence and death that fills the books as being what love is. But mind you it is liked by the Bella and Edward who come from a book that seem to think that a relationship that would appear to be borderline abusive is good. What sort of ideas is this giving teenagers about life?

On another less ranty note I finished my plushie :D and have a bag of watercress as the packet said it was a superfood and I imagined it would be wearing capes and it's underwear outside of it's tights but I am sadly disappointed!

Friday, 24 July 2009

It's alive...

Normally the moment one of my Plushies comes alive is the moment I attatch the eyes. The eyes, I think, finish it's personality and tells you exactly what kind of Plushie you have. The cute little smile and the way one of the tentacles is a little shorter than the other seven all help make the plushie an individual but it's not alive until it can see you and make you love it using it's big round soppy eyes. Usually the eyes are the last thing to go on so they symbolise the little creature truly being a whole creature like it's being born!!

Today I got to the point with my plushie where I realised the eyes would have to go on now or never, however the plushie is still in two halves and is unstuffed. It felt odd stitching eyes on to an empty sack and even weirder pinning the two parts together with these two round eyes staring up at me!

The title of this blog, I realise, suggest pictures should be involved however I'm not sure a plushie in two parts would make a good picture and I don't want to ruin the surprise for it's future owner! So I'll let you're imaginations run wild for now and leave you with the knowledge the plushie is made out of a bright pink pashmina and a purple fluffy pillow case.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Testing 1,2,3

Woooo! I have a blog :D And set up all by myself (well not quite all by myself!!)
Mostly I started this blog as an act of prcrastination - I should really have my head in a book researching for the dissertation which, even though it is on Pirates (the most exciting subject ever!), still drives me to procrastinate.
The main point of my blog was to waffle on about some of my favourite things. Such as my strange addiction to buttons (as in ones you get on shirts not the chocolate ones!), making plushies and handbags and cooking.
I aim to start selling my plushie and bag creation at some point when I start being a bit quicker with the production however it's still a bit slow due to the whole having to do uni work and stuff thing! The majority of my creations are partly, if not fully, made from recycled materials such as old clothes. Thanks to the Summer Holidays I've been able to do a lot more creative things - last week I made an Earless Elephant:

And Now I've started on a purple and pink fluffy tree monster!! Although got distracted by making Smarties muffins for cheering up purposes :D

Now I think I've waffled enough for today, I shall return with more from the wonderful world of Rocky soon :D