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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year, New Blog

Yes, I have decided that as one of my New Years resolutions shall be to make this a proper blog where I actually update it and update it about interesting things not mindless nonsense! There may even be pictures!

Since I seem to have found a new fascination with quotes I feel that is the way to go with the blog for now. Using quotes to give me inspiration. So here we go first post of the new blog!

'The most exciting phrase to hear in Science, the one that heralds new
discoveries, is not 'Eureka' but 'That's funny...' '
Issac Asimov

I seem to find that most discoveries come quite by accident; take craft for example. I set out to do one thing and it all goes dramatically wrong but somewhere along the way I discover something else that works well. Another example is searching books in the library - I search the library catologue, note down the call number and then wander towards the appropriate shelf and never leave with the book I went looking for - always one I've discovered quite by accident on one of the surrounding shelves.

Does that mean we should just leave everything up to fate? Probably not, if we didn't try out and do things; set out to make a certain discovery or to reach a certain point we would never discover the little things along the way. It's the little things that make the end goal even more special.

So if things aren't going right, don't fret as something good could be just around the next corner. Something I could do with taking into account a lot more often. Surprise can be the best thing in life.