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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Possibly the world's worst blogger...

I haven't blogged since 2011. Frankly that is quite shocking. To be fair I have been very busy. 

Wait. What do you mean that's no excuse?

 Fair enough. I couldn't agree more.

Yes, I am the world's worst blogger. 

I did think about blogging. Honestly I did. And it's the thought that counts, right? 

Would something crafty make it up to you? 

Yup, it's a 1940's dress made for the 1940's weekend at work. 

I haven't got much else of an exciting crafty nature to show you although I am currently in the middle of making a corset which is making very slow progress. Damn essays just keep getting in the way.

To make up for the lack of crafty pictures I shall give you a cute kitten instead. 

Please welcome Meggie Moose, Mistress of Mayhem. 
This little bundle of fluff came to join us last December from the RSPCA and has been spreading joy and chaos throughout the house. 

And now I shall leave you with the promise that I shall return very soon with an Xmas post! 
(which may include a kitten in a Christmas tree).