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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Testing 1,2,3

Woooo! I have a blog :D And set up all by myself (well not quite all by myself!!)
Mostly I started this blog as an act of prcrastination - I should really have my head in a book researching for the dissertation which, even though it is on Pirates (the most exciting subject ever!), still drives me to procrastinate.
The main point of my blog was to waffle on about some of my favourite things. Such as my strange addiction to buttons (as in ones you get on shirts not the chocolate ones!), making plushies and handbags and cooking.
I aim to start selling my plushie and bag creation at some point when I start being a bit quicker with the production however it's still a bit slow due to the whole having to do uni work and stuff thing! The majority of my creations are partly, if not fully, made from recycled materials such as old clothes. Thanks to the Summer Holidays I've been able to do a lot more creative things - last week I made an Earless Elephant:

And Now I've started on a purple and pink fluffy tree monster!! Although got distracted by making Smarties muffins for cheering up purposes :D

Now I think I've waffled enough for today, I shall return with more from the wonderful world of Rocky soon :D


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