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Wednesday, 2 June 2010


You might have noticed the blog looks quite a bit different to how it was last time I blogged (unless you have never been here before and then you can't really judge on how much different it looks but trust me it's different; yesterday it was pink). I've been wanting to make my blog look more exciting for a while and finally I have had the time, so ta da here is the shiny new blog. Hope you like! Although I will warn you I have the attention span of a gnat and get bored easily so don't be too shocked if somewhere down the line it suddenly changes again with no warning! 

The process was a lot more simpler than I thought it was, perhaps that's because I have discovered I am actually a computer genius. Well I say the process was simpler, I mean the bit that involved actually putting the layout on to my blog, choosing the damn layout was the hard thing. 

I decided I was going to go through the website I had found and favourite all the layouts I liked. Two hundred and forty two pages later I gave up and went to review my 'shortlist'. My shortlist of over forty different layouts. This led to several more hours of flicking between them and being ruthless. Until my final shortlist numbered eight. This is why the blog could change at any minute. 

The choosing was hard. I had to keep several things in mind; I couldn't just pick one I liked, I had to make sure it would suit the content of my blog which is pretty damn random which made that part particularly hard. Then I had to consider whether it was user friendly and make sure that it didn't provide too many distractions so that people would actually read my blog rather than stare at the giant cow that takes up half the screen. There was even a pirate map layout: 

How cool is that?? But I decided people (by people I mean me) would probably want to play with the map instead of reading (updating) the blog and plus it might give the idea that I only ever blog about pirates or something. Maybe I'll crack it out for International Speak like a Pirate Day. It can be seasonal like the host of Christmas layouts. 

Talking of distractions I was quite excited by the prospect of a Ninja background: 

But again I decided people (me, again) would spend way too much time trying to work out if the this skilled assassin was in fact a Ninjew. Surely he must be surely only a Ninjew would be skilled enough to perform such a daring leap across the night time sky? Also people might think I was some kind of ninja or something and would be a little disappointed to hear that I possess no ninja like abilities at all. Apart from the ability to wear a lot of black. 

Sadly there were (in the 242 pages I looked through) no dinosaur layouts so this blog remains distinctly dinosaur free. But I promise to crack on with the dinosaur story very soon. To make up for the lack of dinosaurs I could have had layouts that looked like facebook or twitter, layouts with giant cows, flowers and scantily clad women (what kind of blog do they think this is?), ones that looked like books, notebooks and houses. There was no limit to the imagination and creativity. But for now I like the one I have even though it was classes as a 'kids' layout!

Do you remember earlier I said I was a computer genius? Well I am. This assessment is based solely on the fact that I managed to change bits of my HTML code all on my own with no help!

My choosing process was further complicated by my best friend sending me links to this website. Read it. It's hilarious. And it's about cake. Especially this one. Although that link isn't for the faint hearted! 


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