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Sunday, 30 May 2010

A little Eurovision Round Up

Ok so the great spectacle of cheese was held last night and so here are a few thoughts and opinions on the entries. A little brief as I should have done this last night before my memory started to go! 

Azberbijan: Safura: ‘Drip Drop’. Ok she was fine. Could sing and was had creatively made a lovely dress out of crepe paper. But not (apart from the dress) Eurovision quality.

Spain: Daniel Diggs: ‘Something Tiny’. Well the best bit about that was the Eurovision ‘streaker’ and hen we had to hear it all over again. Although I did like the crazy dancers.

Norway: Didrik Solli-Tangen ‘My Heart is Yours’. Clearly Norway didn’t want to host Eurovision again.

Moldova: Sunstroke Project ‘Run Away’. Good Advice.

Cyprus: Jon Lilygreen ‘Life Looks Better in Spring’. Thought the Welsh entry was quite nice. A little bland and boring though.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vukasin Barjic ‘Thunder and Lightning’. Was he the one in the red suit?

Belgium: Tom Dice ‘Me and My Guitar’. I’d have you and your guitar any time. Hot and he could actually sing, one of the very few who could.

Serbia: Milan Stankovic ‘Ove Je Balkan’. Looked like he was made of plastacine. WTF is the best way to sum it up.

Belarus: 3+2 ‘Butterflies’. As Graham Norton said clearly can’t count to 5 or don’t have a word for it. Oh and I want one of those dresses. Just so I can pop them up and make people pee their pants with laughter.

Ireland: Niamh Kavanagh ‘It’s For you’. Excellent singer, nice song. But boring. Seriously you think this is Eurovision material?

Greece: Giorgos Alkaois and Friends ‘OPA’. OPA!!! Should have one.

United Kingdom: Josh ‘That Sounds good to me’. No that didn’t sound good to me. It was awful. Ten points was too high.

Georgia: Sofia Nicharadze ‘Shine’. Nice floaty dresses. Can’t remember the song so guess it wasn’t that good.

Turkey: maNga ‘We could be the same’. Nice band but please get a new lead singer. He didn’t suit the band at all. And do they think they are teenagers wHo All tYPe liKe tHiS?

Albania: Juliana Pasha ‘It’s all about you’. Thought she was going to be some Lady Gaga/ Madonna wannabe but was surprisingly good.

Iceland: Hera Bjork ‘Je ne Sais Quoi’. I liked this. It was cheesy dance, what’s not to like? But I think she might have been the same woman as the Irish entry.

Ukraine: Aloysha ‘Sweet People’. Shut up. I don’t want to hear your messages. Frankly they’re a bit old. Come back with a cheesy number and then I might listen.

France: Jessy Matador ‘Allez Olla Ole’. Another awesome Eurovision cheese number. Going to be singing the all world cup.

Romania: Paula Seling and Ovi ‘Playing with Fire’. Awkward double piano number. I forgot about it so you can tell just how good it was.

Russia: Peter Nalitch and friends ‘Lost and Forgotten’. Ok the biro drawing picture was quite funny but it seemed more like what you would find down the pub than in Eurovision.

Armenia: Eva Rivas ‘Apricot Stone sponsored by the Armenian Apricot Growers Association and Wonder bra’. Are they even in Europe?

Germany: Lena ‘Satellite’. Cheated. Clearly. Also apparently that was supposed to be an English accent. Sing in German and you’d probably sound much better. Oh and don’t dance again. Ever.

Portugal: Fillipa Azevedo ‘Ha Dias Assim’. Nice voice but I have no idea what language you were singing in.

Israel: Harel Skaat ‘Milim’. What emotion are you trying to convey?

Denmark: Chanee and N’evergreen ‘In a moment like this’. Lawsuit on its way. ‘Every Breath You Take’ with a bit of Abba mixed in.

In our world Greece, Iceland and Belgium came joint first. So is shall leave you with one word:



SpaceSquid said...

I loved the Armenian entry. More pop songs should be dedicated to worshipping giant fruit carcasses.

As regards Lena winning, I was confused too, until I remembered that Europe is a totally freaking insane continent, and that any song that is to represent us has to make no sense on any level imaginable. It is simply who we are.

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