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Friday, 21 May 2010

Ok so this isn't a Dinosaur Story...

But it is a blog post only a couple of days after the last one. The dinosaurs are a work in progress; the illustration is a little time consuming and I need to revise. In other words I can't do anything that takes up a lot of time instead I can do lots of little things that probably add up to the same amount of time it took to do the long thing. I mean things like painting my nails all sorts of bright colours and clearing out my wardrobe. Which brings me nicely to the topic of my blog. Cleaning out my wardrobe. This will probably end up being totally dumb and not interesting at all so consider this bed time reading for insomniacs or something.

Ok so my wardrobe's been looking a bit full lately. Mostly because I have habit of hoarding things just in case and because I get bored with clothes very quickly (this is why Primark is my shop of choice). A sort out seemed the way to go. I had visions of filling several black sacks of clothes but in reality only managed one. Partly because my wardrobe isn't actually that full it's just a mess, full of crap and as I found out, on the point of imminent collapse. It's one of those ones made out of cloth held up by metal poles so it was pretty easily fixed.

Anyway the clearing session provided half an hour of amusement for me and my best friend (who was provided with a running commentary via msn). I found I was keeping 2 pairs of jeans in which I have worn away the crotch completely in - what the hell kind of just in case situation would require them?

Lurking under a couple of skanky tops (chucked) I found a pair of leggings I forgot I had which then required me to try them on with everything I own. Continuing with the trying on phase I discovered some shorts which had been jeans and decided I was probably never going to wear them but should keep them just in case. Next came some long short thingys which I totally reject are the size they say they are because I can't get them over my ass! I had a slight grump with them in which I accused them of calling me fat and saying my bum looked big in them. So you can imagine they were chucked pretty fast.

The Fat Face jeans get to stay. They don't fit but the point is they might fit again some day and they are Fat Face jeans and are there for EXPENSIVE. And I may need them just in case. What if I wake up morning and I discover I have lost half my body weight and I have no jeans to fit? See I'm covering all eventualities.

Sparkly Hotpants = Fashion Disaster of the century. But they do look rather ace. But when the hell am I going to wear them again? Its not like I dress up as a clanger on a weekly basis. (I did once hence the hotpants although they were originally from another fancy dress. What's that? This is a picture blog? Ok then)

See I even had a moon. And I seem to like that pose with one leg up on something. Also I look vaguely demonic in the second one. Anyway the hotpants have gone.

Then I found a trilby. It was not sparkly like the one in the picture above so it hasn't been saved. Well I say that but I am thinking about it. I mean I wore it for most of the afternoon. It kind of made me look like a cross between a gangster and an Amish person (Google images informs me I mean Orthodox Jew. I am also wondering why an image search for 'orthodox jew' brings up a picture of Captain Kirk. Oh wow and a Ninjew. That's like a ninja but an orthodox jew ninja. Awesome.) Anyway what I'm trying to say is that the hat is funky in a it's so stupid kind of way but I can't actually think of a just in case so I can't keep it.

Then I tried on everything in my wardrobe because it wasted some more time. And this may possibly have been the worst/ most boring blog ever.You know when you have a brilliant idea in your head and when you write it doesn't really sound so good? Well that's what happened here. However my few (none) readers means I can't exactly lose many by writing utter nonsense.

I promise you the blogs will get better (well lets face it they can't get worse) and there will be a dinosaur story soon.

EDIT: Here's a better Ninjew Link. I want to meet a Ninjew. I'm now quite a fan.


Matt the Ripper said...

Cor, I like the pics ;)

I guess the most important question is thus:

Who's better, pirates or ninjews?

I vote pirates!

Rocky said...

So far the Pirate and Ninja Wars stands at 1 all. Maybe the Ninjews might give the ninjas a tactical advantage unless we get them on the pirates side first...

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