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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It's a good job I don't have to do pictures for my exam...

It really is a good job. I have an over active imagination at the best of times and boredom only increases it. Revision is boring. Fact. Therefore my imagination gets more and more wild as I revise.

If I had to draw pictures for my exam I would fail. I don't imagine the real things in my mind, I imagine crazy things. Take the Ottoman Empire. In my head it's inhabited by these people:

And in the Dalmatian empire you would find these:

And then there is a Historian named Sushil. You see the mind immediately sees that if you remove the 'L' his name is Sushi and therefore he looks like this:

And I've been revising the Jews so of course I've been imaging them all as Ninjews! Maybe revision isn't as boring as I first thought.


Matt the Ripper said...

I like the chap from the Ottoman Empire, he looks friendly :D

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