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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Living on a street corner

My house is on the corner of the street and my room downstairs and at the front of the house. The snatches of conversation I hear as people walk past, loiter on the corner, or wait to cross the raod always amuse me. I wonder how they'd feel if they knew someone could inadvertantly hear nearly every word.

Sometimes in the middle of the night it is annoying but the druken arguments can also be quite funny. Last night: 'No Jack, don't do that, Noooooo Jack'. I couldn't hear what Jack replied to his friend but hearing just one side of the argument kept me amused for quite a while.

And then there's the people stating the obvious and you wonder what sort of conversation they must be having for that to be invloved.

And after that pointless waffle here are some muffins:
I had some left over coconut milk from a curry in the week so I knocked up 6 coconut and chocolate muffins. They were going to be coconut and cherry but Tesco had no cherry! I'm very pleased with them although I think they could do with some desicated coconut added to them to make the flavour stronger!


Talia said...

When are you coming to make some for me then?!

Rocky said...

We should hold a muffin party :D

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