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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Epic Craft Post

Ok so I didn't keep my New Years Resolution, but who does? Anyway I have been a busy little bee with uni work and lots of crafty things. So here is an epic craft update with lots of pictures as this does claim to be a picture blog after all!
First off, I don't think I posted this at Xmas, here is the Xmas cake I made (well helped make!) but I decorateed it all by myself! For my first solo attempt at Xmas cake decorating I think it went pretty well. Especially my discovery of edible glitter!

I've also started in two bags. One for me and one for my best friends birthday (which was in January so yet another 'I owe you') I only have a picture of the one I'm making for me as the other one is in fact a pile of fabric still as I've only cut pattern pieces out. These should both be finished during the Easter break when I can use my better sewing machine that lives at home with my parents. I only have a mini one here which is good for making plushies but not s good for bags. But thanks to my Mums xmas present I have inherited her old sewing machine which I can use when I go home or if I'm really good I can use hers which has lots of fancy stitches! Here is my bag:

It's made up of 4 different fat quarters and a fifth will make the base and strap. I like how the chinesey and japanesey fabrics fit in with the shape that reminds me of a Far eastern boat!

Keeping with a Japanesey theme I made this card for my best friend who had an interview for at the Japanes embassy for a job teaching english in Japan for a year.

As I said it was best friends birthday in January so I made her cupcakes. This also meant I could use some of the very pretty cupcake cases I had given to me! Here they are:

Sticking to a cupcake and birthday theme it was my sisters birthday last week and I made this cupcake card for her!

I have also added a new craft to my collection - knitting. Thanks to the loom my lovely friend Talia gave me for Xmas. I've made two hats on it and have a third one in production. Here are my first two attempts:

And last but not least here is the cross stitch I have recently finished. I have no idea what to do with it now! If I frame it I'll have nowhere to hang it so I want t do something different with it.I had thought about putting it on a folder which I could use to keep patterns in but any suggestions are more than welcome!

I think thats all of my recent projects now! Apart from a little black cat plushie which I made for a fancy dress costume (I was a witch!) which I forgot to take a photo of before sending it off to Kent to its new, rather wonderful owner! It wasn't very well made so I think the lack of picture may be a good thing. I also have just started on my last xmas present - a plushie (but I can't tell you what yet!) which I need to have done by the 12th March when its wonderful owner comes to pick it up!

I shall try not leave it so long that I have to do such an epic blog post again!


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