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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Xmas Crafts

So this should be the post where I belatedly talk about my new years resolutions but have instead decided to focus today on the belated photos of all my Xmas makings.

First of all it wouldn't be Xmas without all the presents. So here is a round up of all the ones that I managed to get photo's of (with all the excitement I completely forgot to take a few snaps!)

First of I made this Picture/ Notice Boards:

Two like this for my sister and a third for my best friend made from sewn together scraps of some very pretty Chinese fabrics. These were all my own design and I'm really quite proud of them although the rubbish picture quality (there hasn't been any good photographing light in a while) doesn't really do it justice.

Next, for my Mum, I made oven gloves as like me she likes to bake. 

The inside of the pockets is line with a pink spotty material which you shall see later.

Next was a peg bag for my Grandma made from some awesome fabric that my mum picked up cheaply at a market in Mallorca. 

Both of these creations have been adapted from patterns found in this Cath Kidston book.

It also wouldn't be Xmas without all the cooking and me and my Mum decided to cook in style this year and we both made aprons!

Mine is on the right! I also made one for my Gran's Xmas present - it was made from the same fabric as the oven gloves with the pink spotty fabric as the contrast and together we made one for my Aunt exactly like my Mum's but with pink edging instead of green. The pattern is from this awesome book.

And now some actual baking. Back in October I cooked three Christmas cakes (1 big and 2 small) and here they are all decorated.

The small ones were presents for the grandparents but the big one was all for us greedy lot!


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