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Friday, 15 October 2010

Bags of Stuff

So I haven't updated in a while. Job hunting is a very time consuming activity. So is being ill. And both have meant that there has been very little sleep from me - I spend hours jumping between worrying about not having a job and contemplating by imminent death. Then when I finally settle down enough to try some relaxing breathing exercises I take one breath and am reminded of how I could die of this illness at any moment!!

Enough of that. I have actually managed to be vaguely productive in between my fits of hypochondria. I've finally caught up with the backlog of sewing bits and bobs I was doing for other people. Finishing nicely with the bag I was stitching for my best friends birthday present (I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that her birthday was in January - thank god she is patient!). So without further ado here it is:

I also added in a little something else to make up for the lateness. This hat to keep her brains warm on the way to work and ridiculously early times of the morning!

The finishing of all these projects means that I now have time to finish off the bag I have been making for myself for ages (as seen in this post). All I have to do is sew on the bias binding to make the edges look neat and it's done! And then I have more stuff I have to start: 1 firm order of some fabric wall art (I haven't posted about them yet - I'll put it on my to do list) and a possible order for a bag. And even better they are both paid orders. I also have to get cracking on all the stuff I'm making for Xmas presents.

Speaking of Xmas; thanks to a special offer a local garden and leisure centre we now have all our xmas decorations for this year. There was free mulled wine and mince pies, 20% of xmas stuff and 10% of everything else.

But before we can have Xmas there is November to get through: and November is National Novel Writing Month which I'm having a go at for the first time so wish me luck!


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