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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The trouble with being short

So my local Tesco have finally seen fit to start stocking SFX, which is possibly the best magazine in the world so why they didn't stock it beforehand is beyond me. The only problem is they have decided that the best for it is on the very top shelf at the very back. Brilliant.

I spent a whole fifteen minutes whilst slurping my Iced Caramel Latte in Costa trying to work out how I could get it down. My plan mainly involved stacking the chairs from Costa on top of an upturned trolley.
Thankfully I had discarded this plan by the time I had finished my refreshment and so instead set off in search of a member of staff. Luckily my first encounter with the this rare species was a lanky six foot spotty youth, perfect for retrieving my prize from the top shelf for me.

"Excuse me," I said, startling the creature from deep in his own thoughts, "Can you get SFX magazine down from the top shelf please?"

He grunted a reply that I translated as "What?". 

"SFX. It's a magazine. And it's on the top shelf where I can't reach it." I even pointed to back up what I was saying. 

"The top shelf?" 

"Yes the top shelf."

He eyed me suspiciously, "Ok then, if you're sure."

I resisted the temptation to inform him I had never been so sure about wanting a magazine in my life. For Torchwhood, Scott Pilgrim, Batman and a host of other geek pleasures lay within it's pages. 

He easily reached the top shelf but my prize was not won yet. 

"Any particular copy you want?" 

"Well considering there is only one SFX magazine up there I think I'll have that one please."

He scooped it up and peered at the cover with a smirk. Unfortunately my patience with the spotty oink had run out and I snatched the magazine from his grubby mitts and headed for the till before anything else could get in my way. 

Now I'm just wondering why Tesco thinks that all geeks are very tall. For I saw no other reason for it's top shelf position. There was no explicit content on the front not that that seemed an issue as the copious amounts of men's magazines like Nuts and Zoo as well as magazines filled with scantily clad males were all at my eye height and therefore clearly visible to any passing children. Although I suppose I should not complain as now I can at least buy SFX and read it on time instead of waiting for it to be passed on to me because I can't afford to buy it after I've paid to get into Bristol to purchase it. 


Rhian Drinkwater said...

Aah, but you forget that geeks are of course always men, and therefore can be expected to be a little taller. As long as Heat and Take a Break are accessible, Tesco have done a responsible job of fully catering to their customers.

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